Programmer Dvorak
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Programmer Dvorak

I recently added QMK support to my Kinesis Advantage 2 and wanted to take advantage of it's benefits. I basically used a stock Dvorak layout on the Advantage and wanted to see where else I could optimize.

I also read this blog post which convinced me that Programmer Dvorak might be worth learning. I also knew ThePrimeagen also used a variation of Programmer Dvorak, so I studied that as well to come up with a layout that worked for me.

After some tinkering, this is what I came up with:

You can see my QMK keymap.c on Github.

It is mostly Programmer Dvorak with some minor adjustments in the number row. Inspired by ThePrimeagen's layout, I agree with him that putting parenthesis/brackets/braces mirrored the left and right hand was more intuitive than the default Programmer Dvorak layout.

Then I also have some adjustments that deviate from the default Programmer Dvorak layout because of the way I use the thumb clusters. Factoring all of that led me to the layout I posted above.