Hi, I am a Python & Go Programmer and Software Engineer based out of the Bay Area. I'm a privacy enthusiast, Linux geek, and into home networking.

My blog is mostly a collection of random thoughts, but I hope that it can provide some value to you!


My GPG public key is 247C8B45911A9C1C56C2746C7C186E12A149CCB3. You can also find this info at my keybase.io profile.


I am an avid Vim user and I recently switched over to Neovim. I am currently using LunarVim as an out-of-the-box LSP experience for Neovim, and I'm liking it a lot!

My humble homelab

I currently have a pfsense router, Unifi switches, Unifi APs, and I'm invested in the Unifi Protect ecosystem.

I have a Synology DS412+ which is a 4-bay NAS that I got in 2012. I am looking to explore ZFS and either thinking of building my own TrueNAS box or buying the TrueNAS Mini.

I currently only use my NAS as a file server and for Plex, but I want to expand the scope of it to include collecting metrics and running Home Assistant.


Find me on Twitter or e-mail me.