Jelly Bean Update on the HTC EVO 4G LTE
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Jelly Bean Update on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Today,  HTC released an update for my EVO 4G LTE. You can find information about the update here.

In terms of how that affects me: it really doesn't. Since I'm using a AOSP-based ROM (CM10 currently), there's basically no update to me. The only immediate benefit that I get is that I get to update my radio (which I did through this flashable here). People said that it fixes LTE connectivity issues that the LTE has been plagued with since it's released, but since I'm not in an area with LTE, I haven't personally been able to test it.

Another interesting thing is that Sensorly is a web app that's supposed to tell you how good carrier coverage is specific places. You can check out the Sprint 4g coverage map here. Not sure how accurate this is because it says that there is coverage in parts of Berkeley and I never personally got 4G in these areas. Maybe I'll try again the next time I'm passing those places.

Currently, I'm running Cyanogenmod10 with Komodo kernel on my EVO 4G LTE. Love it as CM10 has become much more stable in the past weeks of development. I hope that with this Jelly Bean update through HTC, a lot more development happens as I realize that I should have gotten a phone from the Nexus family or even the Samsung Galaxy family if I wanted a phone with the most development going on. HTC definitely has the best hardware though.

Another thing that is kind of disappointing is that CM10, or any non-Sense ROM to be exact, will never be able to utilize the full camera capabilities of this phone. HTC has a chip called the "imagechip" on this phone, and it requires proprietary drivers that are only available on Sense. This explains the difference in camera picture quality from Sense to AOSP ROMs. More information about that here.

Anyway, that's it about my phone for now. =)