Coding Fonts
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Coding Fonts

I'm a big fan of using custom fonts for coding. As a programmer, you'll be staring at code for a large part of your day and picking a font that sits well with your eyes is important to me.

For coding, I have a self-imposed restriction to use monospaced fonts. As a Vim user, using a monospaced font makes a lot of sense, especially when highlighting multiple rows/columns at a time.

I've used several different fonts over the years, and here I'll document the ones I've used.

Fira Code

Google Fonts | Source

Cascadia Code

Microsoft Docs | Source

Comic Code


I also use Nerdfonts "Symbols Only" font to add symbols to my terminal (I use Kitty). You can accomplish the same by first installing the Symbols Only font (use Font Book for OS X), then adding the following to your kitty.conf:

symbol_map U+23FB-U+23FE,U+2665,U+26A1,U+2B58,U+E000-U+E00A,U+E0A0-U+E0A3,U+E0B0-U+E0D4,U+E200-U+E2A9,U+E300-U+E3E3,U+E5FA-U+E6AA,U+E700-U+E7C5,U+EA60-U+EBEB,U+F000-U+F2E0,U+F300-U+F32F,U+F400-U+F4A9,U+F500-U+F8FF,U+F0001-U+F1AF0 Symbols Nerd Font Mono